В 1932 г. открыли мост Сиднейской гавани

The residents of Sydney, Australia’s largest city, had a problem with transport – the road from the city center to its northern part passed around the entire quite large Port Jackson Bay. The distance between the shores was less than one kilometer, but it was hard to build a bridge when ocean ships were entering the harbor – it would create an impediment to them. However, it was built. Just look at it! This is one of the wonders of the world! On January 21, 1932, the last of the 6 million rivets was driven in, and the bridge builders set off for a short journey. There was enough space for them – the widest bridge in the world being 49 meters wide has two railroad tracks, eight traffic lanes, two cycle paths, and two sidewalks. Besides, ships can easily pass under all these 53 thousand tons. And if their masts are somewhat higher than 134 meters, there is still no problem anyway: just wait for hot weather and the bridge arch will rise by another 18 centimeters. Then go ahead, under the Sydney Harbor Bridge.