В 1929 г. Николай Ильич Камов впервые употребил слово «вертолёт»

The idea of the first helicopter is older than the one of the infinity of universe. It was suggested earlier than Academy was founded in Russia. The drawings of rotary-wing machine were found among the papers of Leonardo da Vinci. He named this machine helicopter having combined two Greek words – “spiral” and “wing”. In early 20th century helicopters were called autogyros – the combination of Greek words “self” and “rotation.” In late 1920s, young designers Nikolay Kamov and Nikolay Skrizhinsky built KASKR-1 (abbreviation of “red engineer” in Russian) – the first Soviet autogyro. On February 8, 1929, Nikolay Kamov called the machine helicopter at the meeting of OSOVIAKHIM. The word struck root in Russian language very quickly and became the official name for this kind of aircraft.