В 1923 г. Владимир Зворыкин подал заявку на прибор «Иконоскоп»

Later, Zvorykin will tell about the experiments of 1923, “The demonstration was not very impressive; the transmitted image was a cross. In the reception cathode room, a cross was also visible, only less contrasting and sharp.” The inventor joked that it was not like television, but like a barely visible vision. A patent for the iconoscope, that is, a device for transmitting an image by converting a video image into a set of radio pulses and then restoring the image on the screen of a cathode-ray tube, was issued only on December 20, 1938. And this is not due to the notorious Soviet bureaucratic machine. A native of the glorious city of Murom filed an application with the US Patent Office. Well, it seems that the Americans could not believe that some Russian invented what we now call television. However, this does not prevent them from considering television an American invention, which is essentially unfair. By the way, the inventor of television understood what kind of genie he let out of the bottle and forbade his own children to watch TV – he was afraid for their virtue. Night vision devices and aerial bombs with television guidance, the electronic scanning microscope and medical electronics, one hundred and twenty patents and scores of awards... The member of the American National Inventors Hall of Fame Vladimir Zvorykin lived for exactly 94 years; until his last birthday, which became the day of his death, he longed for his native house in Murom near the Oka, where the Murom Historical and Art Museum is now located