В 1922 г. запатентовано мороженое в шоколаде

The history of today’s invention is dark and intricate, although one cannot say that it is old – it happened 90 years ago. The legend says that once a boy entered a candy store in Onawa, Iowa, with several cents in his sweaty fist. The boy started inventing a way to spend the money in the most profitable way. A chocolate bar or an ice cream? An ice cream or a chocolate bar? Salesman Christian Nelson was watching the boy’s hesitation from the other side of the counter. At this moment, the young man thought that it would be nice to free visitors from laceration and combine these sweets. On January 24, 1922, observant and enterprising Nelson received a patent for ice cream in a chocolate dress. Did he call it the Eskimo? The French believe he didn’t. Otherwise, the Eskimo anniversary would not be celebrated as widely as the French holiday. A Gallic legend says that a movie about the Arctic was shown at one of the Parisian movie theaters for several months in a row in 1929. All this time, the movie theater buffet was selling the new dainty, a “pie for children,” i.e., chocolate-covered ice cream. It was called the Eskimo to match the movie. Thus, now we call this ice cream in the French style, without “s” in the end.