В 1918 году столицей России стала Москва

On March 12, 1918 one more capital appeared on the map of the world. Unlike Canberra, Moscow was built long ago. It was first mentioned in the official sources in 1147. The city was even the capital of Russia for hundreds of years. The day before, the Soviet government moved to Moscow. At that time, the authorities thought that it was a temporary measure. Anyway, the decree of the 4th Extraordinary All-Russia Congress of Soviets said: “On conditions of the crisis that the Russian revolution faces at the moment, the position of Petrograd as a capital has seriously changed. Therefore, the Congress rules that the capital of the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic is transferred to Moscow on a provisional basis.” Thus, the white-stone Moscow became the capital again, the heart of our motherland, as was taught at schools. The fact that it is pointless to place the heart on the fingertip was mentioned back in the past by encyclopedist Diderot in his letter to Catherine the Great.