В 1916 году началось строительство завода «Руссо-Балт» в Филях

The history of famous Rusian-Baltic plant began in 1869 in Riga – the enterprise was producing railway cars at that time. With the beginning of motor age, the plant mastered the manufacture of new products. Invited Belgian specialist Julien Potterat jointly with Russian engineers Ivan Fryazinovsky and Dmitry Bondarev developed remarkable car models, enduring, reliable and refined. These cars successfully participated in different races and rallies having won world fame. The First World War made Russian authorities to relocate the enterprise to Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Thus a large land plot was purchased in suburban village of Fili-Dachnoye, and the project on construction of the second Russo-Balt plant started being implemented. The enterprise began producing vehicles of the ame brand name. In 1923, the Soviet authorities granted a concession for the plant to German company Junkers for the period of 30 years. Hardly had the Germans mastered the production of a couple of models, the concession was canceled, and the Soviet enterprise began building domestic airplanes – reconnaissance models, bombers and ANT passenger planes, instead of Ju-21 machines produced, by the way, specifically for the Red Army. During the Second World War, the plant named after red director S. Gorbunov was evacuated to Kazan, while the site was used for deployment of a new, anonymous enterprise. In early 1960s, it was named in honor of Aviation Minister and Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers Mikhail Khrunichev. Now, its workers can repeat the lines of song by Yuri Vizbor with pride – “on the other hand, we are making missiles.”