В 1913 году родился русский физик Георгий Флёров

In 1942, senior lieutenant of the Red Army wrote a letter to Iosif Stalin. By some quirk of fate, fresh foreign scientific magazines came to Flerov’s possession, and he found out that articles devoted to nuclear topics had disappeared from them. Some other person would not even pay attention to this fact, but Flerov who discovered a new type of radioactive transformations – spontaneous uranium nuclear fission – came to the right conclusion: the Western scientists were working on nuclear weapons and all their works are classified. In his letter to Stalin Flerov recommended resuming research and starting to produce atomic bomb. In 1943 Flerov was recalled from the front, as the intelligence confirmed the works on nuclear project in the West. He was responsible for the main, physical part of the explosion on August 29, 1949, when first Soviet atomic bomb RDS-1 was successfully tested on Semipalatinsk site. Following the result of the test, Flerov was awarded with the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. After that, he started working in the field of peaceful atom. He organized and took charge of the nuclear reactions laboratory at the Dubna Institute of Nuclear Research, as well as looked for and found new chemical elements – 102, 103, 104, 105, 106th. Moreover, he did not focus on physics alone; Flerov was one of the few people who pleaded for creating the famous Taganka Theater. The actors did not forget it. At the meeting of the Institute’s academic council devoted to Flerov 60th birthday, they read aloud the so called art army order, which in particular prescribed “to call all scanty flora of Taganka district flera from now on.”