В 1911 г. Руал Амундсен открыл Южный полюс

On this day, the South Pole of the planet was marked by the red flag with the blue cross. It meant that the polar race had been won by Roald Amundsen, the famous traveler. At first, he did not plan to go to Antarctica – he was more interested in the opposite pole. But the Norwegian explorer did not manage it – he got overtaken by Americans F. Cook and R. Peary. Then Amundsen changed his geographical priorities and thus he unintentionally became the cause of Robert Scott’s death. Amundsen was more experienced and he chose a better starting point, created a more favorable route and arrived at the destination one month before his British rivals. Scott and his companions were devastated and did not survive the way back. The winner had to bear the bitter brunt of his triumph.