В 1909 году родился физик Лев Андреевич Арцимович

Apart from incontestable merits in the field of nuclear physics development, Artsimovich is the author of saying that can be considered the motto of all true scholars: “Science is the best method of satisfying one’s curiosity at the state’s expense.” Direct participant of the Soviet nuclear project, Lev Artsimovich continuously guided the investigations in physics of high-temperature plasma and problem of controlled thermonuclear fusion. He was the first in the world to perform thermonuclear reaction in laboratory conditions and was, according to his foreign colleagues, a recognized pioneer and leader of studies in this field. In the field of aphorisms, Lev Artsimovich was a leader as well. Along with the wonderful definition of science, he suggested many other wise and witty ideas. “For clear understanding of the problem, one should not put overcomplicated mathematical garments on thin skeleton of experimental facts.” “The golden apple of success often appears on the most inconspicuous branch of the mighty science tree.” “The hope for quick solution of the thermonuclear fusion problem is the same as the hope of sinner for getting to paradise by-passing the purgatory.”