В 1909 г. открыт Саратовский университет

“… a grand celebration, not only local, but national, a feast of the higher Russian science…” – the newly opened university comprising only one faculty received congratulations from all the universities of Russia and the Academy of Sciences, the universities of Cambridge, Vienna, Strasbourg, La Sorbonne, etc. The staff of 7 departments and 92 students enrolled in the first year looks very festive. They did not include women or common people. Upon the supreme order, the university was called Nickolayevsky. This is what it has remained; however, since 1922 this name has been associated with Chernyshevsky rather than Tsar Nickolay II. Today Chernyshevsky Saratov University comprises 25 faculties with over 19,000 students. Almost 30 academics teach here. This is the true reason to celebrate the traditions of the Russian science!