В 1905 г. найден самый крупный в мире алмаз

World’s largest 3,106-carat, i.e., 621-gram, diamond was accidentally discovered at the Premier Mine in South Africa developed by the Premiere Diamond Mine Company. The diamond was named Cullinan in honor of the company president. In 1907, Transvaal authorities presented the Cullinan to King Edward VII of England. The English decided that the diamond had a too large size and black inclusions, so it would result in a bad brilliant and had to be split. The blade of a special knife broke during the first attempt, while the second one successfully split the diamond into two parts, and the master fainted. Nine large and 96 small brilliants were made from the Cullinan. The largest one, Star of Africa I, weighing 530,2 carats is set in the royal scepter, while the second largest one, Star of Africa II weighing 317,4 carats decorates the crown.