В 1905 г. был учрежден Пушкинский дом

The name of the Pushkin House in the Academy of Sciences!

The sound is clear and familiar,

Not an empty sound for one's heart!

wrote Alexander Blok about the Pushkin House. To mark the 100th anniversary of the great Russian poet's birth, it was decided to erect a monument to Pushkin in St. Petersburg and open an exhibition dedicated to him. Then the organizers were reluctant to give the exhibits back to different institutions, and the monument construction was not progressing very fast. They came up with a solution to both these problems: to create a monument in the form of a literary mausoleum, a special Pushkin House, which would showcase the poet's manuscripts and other relics associated with him and other writers of his era. In 1927, the Pushkin House was moved to the building of the former customs house on the Vasilievsky Island cape and hidden in parentheses: the institution was renamed “the Institute of New Russian Literature (the Pushkin House).” But the literature was old, and they gradually abandoned the word “new.”