В 1898 г. родился архитектор и дизайнер  Алвар Аалто

You can open the first page of any encyclopedia and will see the name of this character. The name of the famous Finnish architect begins with two letters A. He won fame due to… chairs. Simple chairs? Of course, they were not simple ones. Aalto designed comfortable, beautiful, technological and low-cost chairs. The starting point of his career was the order for designing a sanatorium in Paimio. The architect made bold to design plumbing and lighting equipment, as well as furniture and presented a comprehensive project. Naturally, it is impossible to take a toilet room from the territory of sanatorium, while few people need wheelchairs, so it turns out that chairs have won fame for Aalto. His building – Finlandia Palace – is known all over the world. If the title of building of the year had been awarded in 1973, this palace by Alvar Aalto would have won it. It is not that it was built in 1973 (the construction was over two years before) or is beautiful (though it really looks beautiful especially on a winter evening). The fact is that the first Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe was held in Finlandia Palace. The world started breathing freely back then – Finlandia Palace looking like an iceberg melted the ice of Cold War a bit.