В 1897 г. родился русский учёный Александр Леонидович Чижевский

Astronomer, physicist, physician, biologist, historian, poet and painter, as well as friend and disciple of Tsiolkovsky, Chizhevsky is now described in encyclopedias as a founding father of heliobiology and air ionification. Even the people having little to do with science know the so-called Chizhevsky Lamp – air ionizer. This device is meant for restoring natural electric charges in the air of premises, i.e., making the air ecologically pure. The first experiments testing the influence of air ions on live organisms were made by Chizhevsky at the laboratory of practical zoopsychology founded by Vladimir Durov in his own zoo. The tests were successful, and foreign scientists showed interest in them. After that, the Council of Ministers founded a special laboratory and appointed Chizhevsky to the position of its director. In 1942, the scientist faced reprisals, but was awarded with Stalin Prize in 1943. He served his term until 1950. When the order for his dismissing came, the scientist made a request to spent there some more, as he wanted to finish his research. The true value of Chizhevsky’s scientific heritage was recognized only after his death, while the years that have passed since that time prove the tremendous value of his works.