В 1892 году запатентован эскалатор

The staircase for conveyance of people was patented by American inventor Jesse Reno in New York. However, only a reckless visionary could call Reno’s escalator a staircase, as stairs were missing on it. It was a bell-type conveyor with a platform fixed on it inclined to the ground at an angle of 30 degrees. Ascending or descending on it was a real amusement ride, so the first Reno’s escalator was installed on the peer of Coney Island for the fun of tourists. Several years later, Charles Seaberger modified the design, and the escalator started its triumphant journey round the world. Having played the dandy at the World Expo in Paris, the machine went to work in the subway and trade centers, where it sets the records of height and length today.

“Go ahead and step on it, small-town girl. You won’t be scared soon.” This song by Vyacheslav Malezhik is about the escalator.