В 1891 году родился мастер Оле Кирк Кристиансен, создавший «Лего»

A small Danish town of Billund was not immune to the economic crisis that broke out in Europe in the 1930s. The construction sites were frozen, and carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen could not find orders. The search for daily bread led the Dane to the idea of founding his own company that would produce goods that local people could not do without, even in the time of crisis – stepladders, stools and ironing boards. The items were sold little by little. However, the carpenter was surprised to see that wastes were sold even better. The enterprising man cut children’ blocks out of them. People have kids at all times, the Dane reckoned and came to the conclusion that Lenin had already made before: all the best is for children. Soon, a marketing strategy was added to the vast market, and an advertising agent of his own appeared: the carpenter’s son Godtfred was passionately playing with his father’s blocks, and the kids of his neighbors followed his example. “A fascinating game,” Kristiansen thought. Naturally, he was thinking in Danish, so his observation sounded: “Led god.” Then, he decided to cast away the final consonants and invented a clear name for his products – Lego. Much later, the carpenter learned that word lego is the Latin for I pile up. By that time, the whole world had been playing with Lego.