В 1889 году открыли Эйфелеву башню

Alexandre Gustave Eiffel personally raised the national flag of France to the strains of Marseillaise on the top of the tower named in his honor. The engineering miracle – 300 meters high, weighing over 7,000 tons and featuring about two million rivets – was the star attraction of the event. The event was the World Expo of 1889, The tower was actually being built for this very fair. Early last century, the structure was on the brink of being dismantled, yet radio was invented by a stroke of luck, and a high tower was required for installing transmitter. Later, television antennas were fixed on top of it, but at that time the very idea of bringing down the symbol of Paris seemed blasphemous. However, the residents of Paris do not recommend visiting the tower with one’s mother-in-law, as the temptation looks overwhelming.