В 1887 г. в Панксатони, штат Пенсильвания, впервые был отмечен День сурка

Since that time, crowds of Americans would come to a small town of Punxsutawney (state of Pennsylvania) every February 2nd and form a circle around the hole of groundhog Phil. At 7:25 the poor animal is poked out of the hole, and the people look if it throws a shadow. As if it is not enough to look up to the sky. If the day is sunny, the groundhog just cannot help throwing a shadow. If the weather is cloudy, no shadow will be seen. What do thousands of people tease the poor animal for? In the “World Weather Center,” as the people call this provincial town, great prophet Phil has been predicting whether spring will come early since 1887. Even though the four-legged forecaster is wrong in two out of three cases, the Americans are in comfort with this fact. It is a tradition!