В 1886 году создан рецепт кока-колы

On that day, pharmacist John Pemberton worked magic over a copper basin at the back yard as usual making either a remedy for hangover or tonic for brain. This time, the broth looked perfect. His bookkeeper Frank Robinson advised to note down the recipe quickly. This recipe is still a commercial secret. As they say, he was also the guy who suggested name Coca Cola for the resulting syrup, and even inscribed it in the way that we see it written today. Do not believe to people who say that the name of sparkling beverage is pure fraudulence. The recipe still contains coca, though cocaine has been extracted from it at the chemical factory. As for the victory march of the most recognized brand across the planet, famous travelers Ziri Hanzelka and Miroslav Zikmund called it the coca colonization of all continents.