В 1886 г. получен первый патент на автомобиль

Who invented the self-propelled carriage, i.e., the car? It is hard to say, as there are a lot of candidates claiming this honor. To avoid fighting, the motorists worked out clear rules of laying out the priority. There are four criteria. The idea is the first one, while legal formalization of the patent comes the second. Third, publication in press reading that the car started to move was also included on the list of compulsory requirements fixing the priority. Finally, the fourth condition says that the patented and fully functional vehicle should be bought, but not just be used for trips to the country by the members of one family. After these criteria had been set, it turned out that Carl Benz was the first automaker. He obtained the patent for self-propelled carriage on January 29, 1886. That is how Carl Benz put mankind in the driving seat. It is fine, yet what we do we see on the roads today? Absolutely catastrophic situation!