В 1878 году русский изобретатель Федор Блинов подал заявку на получение патента на первый в мире гусеничный трактор

The word patent was not used in Russia at that time. Thus self-taught inventor Fyodor Blinov filed an application for a privilege, and the request of talented mechanic from Nikolskoye village of Saratov Province, former serf, barge hauler and machinist of a ship, was satisfied. Next year, the Trade and Manufacture Department of the Finance Ministry issued privilege No.2245 “for a van of special design with infinite rails meant for transporting cargoes along the roads and paths.” The van resembled a caterpillar tractor very much, and was the one in nature. The wooden framework was standing on infinite rails that constituted closed-loop iron strips consisting of links. At first the van was drawn by horses, Later Blinov modified his tractor having installed a steam engine on it. Blinov’s machine traveled around all exhibitions and fairs winning admiration among spectators and reporters, yet nobody was willing to put it in production. A bit later steam engine went out of fashion and was replaced by combustion one.