В 1877 году американский изобретатель Эмиль Берлинер создал микрофон

It seems that Emile Berliner can hardly be brought into line with great inventors. He neither invented a phonograph, nor created a phone. However, thanks to this American the said devices turned into useful innovations and changed the life of people. Today, we mark the birthday of microphone. Emile Berliner invented it on March 4, 1877. By that time Alexander Bell had already created and tested telephone. Berliner saw it at the exhibition and was filled with admiration. However, he was also shocked, as this wonderful device featured poor audio. Having decided to clear and amplify the sounds, Berliner crated a laboratory at home. He recruited his housekeeper as an assistant, and this idea had almost dire consequences for him. Having heard the voice of her master in the loud-speaker, the courageous lady took a position at the door to the inventor’s study armed with a saucer. Anxious to talk to his assistant, Berliner came out of the room and fetched a blow on his head. However, wounded Berliner patented carbon microphone and even won the court trial against Bell. Later, Bell bought out this patent and hired Berliner as chief specialist in telephonic equipment.