В 1876 году в Париже Павел Яблочков получил первый в мире патент на электрическую лампу

The mankind had been using candles and kerosene lamps for many centuries, until electric light came to our planet. It happened not without the participation of Russia. On April 4, 1876, our compatriot Pavel Yablochkov obtained the world’s patent for electric bulb in Paris. Russian light illuminated Paris; a special plant was producing 8,000 Yablochkov candles a day. From there, the electric light started its triumphant journey across the globe, including the inventor’s motherland that Yablochkov had to leave trying to avoid the debt pit. When Yablochkov candle conquered the world, it gradually died away giving way to the modern filament lamp. So what, was it burning in vain? No, the first lamp illuminated the way to future full of electric devices for the mankind.