В 1872 году Александр II подписал указ о создании Исторического музея в Москве

To mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great, All-Russia Polytechnic exhibition was being prepared in Russia. The exhibits were gathered all over the country for a long time. When the exhibition was closed, clever people decided to found museums on the basis of these showcases. One group of enthusiasts created the Museum of Applied Sciences (Polytechnic Museum); other people came forward with an initiative to organize the museum of landmark events in Russian history. The idea of the project was reported to the tsar, and on February 21, 1872, Alexander II allowed to found the Russian National Museum of His imperial Highness Crown Prince. The name of the museum was so long that it failed to live through to the termination of project on construction of museum building. By the moment of consecration the name of the museum sounded as the Imperial Russian Historical Museum. The autograph of The Mischief of Being Clever by Griboyedov, trench coat of General Kornilov, goose quill that Alexander II signed the decree on the abolition of serfdom with, keys of the European cities taken by the Russian army during the War of 1812, revolver of Fanny Kaplan – these are only some of the exhibits displayed at the Russian Historical Museum. History of Russia without quotes. 1/2 Red Square, Moscow.