В 1869 г. вышел первый номер журнала «Нива»

It is quite possible to say that Marxism triumphed in Russia on this day. Russian publisher Adolf Marks started to publish a weekly literary, artistic, and popular science magazine for the entire Russia. On December 30, 1869, the first issue of Niva was published. As they would say now, Marks clearly identified the target audience, determined its preferences, and fulfilled them by the product he released. By the turn of the century, the circulation reached 235 thousand. What was the secret of this success? The list of authors included Tolstoy, Chekhov, Leskov, Bunin, Merezhkovsky. Free supplements for subscribers featured multi-volume collections of Russian classics' works. There were also bonuses for readers. No wonder that the magazine, which was owned by the no less famous Sytin, was shut down when Bolsheviks came to power. The new authorities did not like the content published in Niva. They did not need freedom.