В 1865 г. Д.И. Менделеев защитил докторскую диссертацию

The name of master’s thesis by Dmitry Mendeleyev should probably be translated from scientific language. Yet, chemists ought to understand it: “Isomorphism in connection with other relations of form to composition.” As for his doctorate thesis, which the author of Periodic System defended on February 12, 1865, its name is clear to everybody – “On combination of alcohol and water.” Following the result of thesis defense, Mendeleyev accepted the academic rank of professor at Saint Petersburg University, Department of Technical Chemistry. His calculations were of use – later the recipe of classic Russian vodka was worked out on the basis of them. According to Mendeleyev, the best and healthiest vodka is produced by way of combining pure ethyl alcohol and water with alcohol accounting for 40% part by weight.