В 1862 году родился русский физик Борис Голицын

The descendant of the ancient princely family, very notable in the history of Russia was born in Saint Petersburg. The future founding father of Russian seismology was prepared for a career of naval officer, and therefore he was sent to the Naval Cadet Corps. Famous academician Alexey Krylov, who was the cadet of the same corps a bit later, left warm memories about Golitsyn. “I do not know,” Krylov doubted, “whether I have managed to show that the name of Boris Golitsyn is inscribed in the history of science, as the creator of a whole new field in it.” The list of Golitsyn’s scientific contributions is long enough. It includes the works on thermal emission theory, theory of critical state of matter, X-ray radiation, etc. However, his favorite science was seismology. He not only designed electrodynamic seismograph, but was the first to start studying seismic activity systematically as well. Besides, he solved a number of problems of theoretical seismology, for instance the one on identifying the seismic focus location using the data of one seismic station. “The teaching and research activities were not enough for Golitsyn’s impetuous character,” Krylov continues to praise Boris Golitsyn, “He accepted the important position as head of the department for preparing state documents.” Later, Golitsyn worked as director of Head Physical Observatory and chief of the Head Military Meteorological Department, which was created by him, by the way. Weather forecasts are very important during the war, and every military man can confirm it.