В 1857 г. родился Владимир  Бехтерев

Famous scientist and founder of the Psychoneurological Institute named after him made an invaluable contribution to the psychiatry. One weighty opinion is enough to realize it – after Vladimir Bekhterev published a book devoted to pathways of brain and spinal cord, Academician Korsh said that only God and Bekhterev know the real anatomy of brain. The author of enumerable works and founder of a scholar school, he would sometimes receive patients up to 2 a.m. and get so tired that could lift the stethoscope instead of the phone receiver and say: “Hello, this is Bekhterev.” Many people associated his sudden death due to poisoning with the medical consultation that he gave to Stalin shortly before the latter’s death. Other specialists do not agree. According to them, being a person of high medical culture, Bekhterev would never make the diagnosis public.