В 1851 г. баварский офицер Вильгельм Бауэр достроил подводную лодку под названием «Брандтаухер»

One can hardly call it the first submarine in the world, as the first description of subsurface ship is dated back to the end of 16th century. However, Bauer made a notable contribution to the industry having invented a new diving method. He tested the craft on the same day. Bauer and his assistants dived to the bottom of Kiel Harbor, to the depth of 60 feet. The submarine remained there, as its body was crushed by the pressure of water. However, the designer did not lose his nerve. Knowing physics well, he understood that the only way out lies in equalizing the internal pressure with external one. His companions would not agree to let water in, and it even came to fighting. Bauer, armed with scientific knowledge, won, and the air pressure inside the ship rose up. The hatch was opened, and the three of them broke surface with the air bubble. It happened right at the moment, when he people on the shore were reading the funeral service for them. Bauer’s second submarine was much luckier. The Sea Devil built in Russia took part in festivities devoted to the crowning ceremony of Alexander II. There were musicians on board the submarine, and the sounds of Russian anthem were heard on all ships in the harbor.