В 1847 году родился американский изобретатель Александр Грэйам Белл

The first Moscow Phone Exchange Station, which was opened back in 1882, was built by an international telephonic company by the name of Bella. It could have also been named Alexandra – in honor of one and the same person. Alexander Graham Bell made it into history as the inventor of telephone. His biography includes many interesting juxta- and contrapositions. He was born in Scotland and died in New Scotland (located in Canada), taught at a school for deaf people and invented telephone, which hearing-impaired people cannot use. They say that he was sick and tired of visiting his friends in order to share fresh news with them, yet conceal the fact that he used the telephone very seldom arguing that messages can wait, while ideas cannot. Yet, on the day of his funeral all 13 million phone sets in the USA and Canada kept silent for a minute.