В 1841 г. родился историк Василий Ключевский

Being prepared for religious career as the son of a priest, he proved to be the architect of his own fortune. Having left theological seminary, Klyuchevsky entered the Moscow University. The student of historian Sergey Soloviev had become a brilliant lecturer reading lecturers in his alma mater for 36 years, and the hall would not house those who wanted to listen to them. Klyuchevsky read his vivid lectures at Alexander Military School, Moscow Theological Academy, School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, and Women Higher Courses organized by Klyuchevsky’s friend Russian historian Vladimir Guerrier. There were members of the Royal Family among his students. Tsar Alexander III entrusted the correspondent member of the Royal Academy of Sciences with a task of reading the course in Russian history to his son Prince Georgy. The multivolume course of historian’s lectures was repeatedly reprinted and translated into European languages, as along with uncontestable scientific merits it was of literary value – Klyuchevky suggested a lot of wise ideas in it. The main one of them being “history does not teach anything but punishes for the ignorance of lessons.”