В 1836 году Сэмюэль Кольт получил первый патент на шестизарядный револьвер 45 калибра

It so happened that a toy-pistol presented to Samuel Colt in his early childhood determined the fate of the outstanding American gun maker. Being a youth, he was sent to learn the seaman’s trade. The sailor from Corvo brig turned out to be observant. The method of turning the steering wheel prompted to him the idea of revolver with automatically rotating drum. It was this very design that he patented. Colt Paterson (named after the city where the weapon was produced) was later nicknamed Texas. The revolver proved to be an extremely effective weapon which later made Colt rich and famous. You bet! He corrected the Lord. God created people, while Colt made them equal. All Americans are convinced in it.