В 1820 году была найдена Венера Милосская

Having visited the Louvres Museum once, American actor and comic Will Rogers sent a postcard to his niece with the following text: “This is how you will look like, if you do not stop gnawing your nails.” The postcard had an image of Venus de Milo on it. “…I felt that there is no word in any language which could identify the vivifying secret of this stone creature,” this is how teacher Tyapushkin from story Vypryamila (straightener) by Gleb Uspensky described this masterpiece.

On April 8, 1820, peasant Yorgos Kentrotas from the island of Milos in Aegean Sea found an antique statue of Aphrodite. At the moment of discovery, the arms of the goddess were in place, they went off later during the fight for the right to own the statue. The arms were never found, as fighting took place at the port, and the statue fell down to the sea. Famous French navigator Dumont d’Urville was lucky to see the Venue de Milo yet undamaged. According to him, the goddess held an apple in her left hand that was raised, and adjusted her falling garment with the right hand.