В 1813 году родился русский промышленник Анатолий Николаевич Демидов

A great grandson to the founder of the famous dynasty of Russian industrialists, Anatoly Demidov better known as Prince San Donato made a serious contribution to the world art and science. In was against his order that Karl Bryullov created his famous painting The Last Day of Pompeii. Due to his very efforts, the Museum of Napoleon was opened on the island of Elba – Demidov was married to the emperor’s niece. He was always surrounded by poets, artists and scientists. He rendered generous aid to sciences and arts. Demidov made his own contribution to science having undertaken a journey across Crimea and the southern part of Russia, explored the culture and history of people inhabiting these regions and discovered rich reserves of coal. His merits were appreciated – Demidov was elected an honorary member of Saint Petersburg Academy of Sciences. The grateful public did not forget the first in Russia and second in Europe hospital for children which was opened due to his efforts. Remember Anatoly Demidov while passing railway station San Donato near Nizhny Tagil.