В 1813 году родился мореплаватель и географ Геннадий Невельской

From a young age, Gennady Nevelskoy was fascinated by the mysteries of land and sea. The future admiral and Far East explorer was born in a landlocked Kostroma Governorate. He graduated from the Naval Cadet Corps, sailed around Europe, and organized and headed an expedition to the Far East, revealing its secrets to Russia. Nevelskoy made an ultra-long-range cruise from Kronstadt to Petropavlovsk; from there, he went on an expedition sailing around Sakhalin. “Sailing around” is something we say today, for it was Nevelskoy who proved that Sakhalin is an island and discovered the Strait of Tartary. Later, he headed the Amur expedition and founded Nikolayevsky Post, which later became Nikolayevsk-on-Amur. Chekhov characterized him as an “energetic, passionate man, well-educated, selfless, humane, morally upright, imbued with his idea to the core. and fanatically devoted to it. Nevelskoy’s achievements are not forgotten: a gulf, a strait, and a port city on Sakhalin are named after him.