В 1811 году родился французский математик и астроном Урбен Леверье

He is known to the majority of educated people as the scientist who discovered Neptune with the point of his pen. Observing the orbit of Uranus, the astronomers found out that it is different from the one it should be according to the laws of Kepler and Newton. Le Verrier suggested that orbit deviations can be explained by some unknown planet. The scientists started looking for it and Johann Galle discovered the planet. The less known fact is that Le Verrier laid the foundation for the profession of weather forecaster. A strong storm having broken out in Balaklava Harbor during the Crimean War inflicted heavy losses to English and French ships. Later, director of Paris Astronomical Observatory, Le Verrier found out that the storm could have been predicted. The discovery led to creation of weather forecasting service and synoptic charts.