В 1809 г. родился Луи Брайль

Everyone can read Newton's works today, even the blind: braille script can convey not only letters and numbers, but also mathematical signs. Today is just the time to recall about this: visual impairment specialist Louis Braille was born on January 4, 1809. At the age of three, he wounded his eye with an awl and went blind. And at ten, he stumbled upon the script invented by the French army captain Charles Barbier de la Serre on Napoleon's order. The emperor was worried about reading reports at night and in the field. Barbier's script was convex and did not require breaking concealment: it could be read with your fingers in absence of light. The smart blind boy thought for five years and came up with the idea: he perfected Barbier's invention. He proposed to convey letters, numbers, and then mathematical symbols, chemical and musical signs with combinations of convex dots. Books printed in braille are fifteen times thicker than normal, and the reading process is trice longer, but it is quite an affordable price for the open world. The world appreciated Braille's invention: first books written in the alphabet of his name were published during his lifetime, and by the centenary of his death, he was ranked among the French geniuses and reburied in the Paris Pantheon. According to those who visited the place, traces of many hands are visible on the sign near his tombstone.