В 1806 году родился инженер Изамбард Кингдом Брюнель

As was expected, Winston Churchill took the lead in the list of Greatest Briton Project (analog of our Name Russia). However, the second position belongs to a person hardly known in Russia. What is even more surprising, this man is Isambard Brunel, engineer and inventor. Those who have heard about him, know that the engineer was a competitor to Stephenson and lost the argument to him regarding the width of railway track. It is as in the famous anecdote: Mumu was written by Turgenev, while the monument was erected to Tolstoy. Stephenson did not make it to the Top 10 list, while Brunel came the second. What is behind Brunel’s fame? He was a remarkably talented engineer who was building railways, bridges, tunnels, peers, dockage facilities. He gave consultations to builders and improved the project of Crystal Palace. He would build ships too, including tremendous Leviathan later renamed into Great Eastern, the largest vessel of 19th century. It could use sails as well, and its six masts bore the names of weekdays. There was no Sunday among them, as sailors know no days-off. Many ideas generated by Brunel failed to come to fruition being ahead of time. These are, for instance, the project of Panama Canal, or the one of amphibian tank that he suggested for attacking Kronstadt with during the Crimean War. Leonardo da Vinci of the 19th century indeed – this is how the contemporaries called Isambard Brunel.