В 1797 г. родился мореплаватель и полярный исследователь Фердинанд Врангель

A Russian island, uniquely located simultaneously in the Western, Eastern and Northern hemisphere on the border of the East Siberian and Chukchi seas, bears Ferdinand Petrovich Wrangel's name. The remarkable Russian navigator and polar explorer did not discover this island, but only determined its position based on the survey data. However, Wrangel made many other scientific contributions: he led the expedition that described the north-eastern coast of Siberia; being the ruler of Russian America, he explored the western North American coast and established a meteorological observatory there; he was one of the founders of the Russian Geographical Society. What is more, together with Christopher Columbus, he greatly helped the writer Andrey Nekrasov to invent a name for the legendary captain Khristofor Bonifatievich Vrungel.