В 1795 году во Франции ввели метрическую систему мер

“To create a truly philosophic system of measurements, we should not allow all that is not closely connected with unchanging phenomena. We ought to turn the very nature taking the basis for measurement system out of it and find verification methods there.” The leaders of the French Revolution were quite right. Why should people use the king’s feet, leagues and inches? It is high time to be close to nature, the members of the commission formed by the Academy of Sciences said and suggested adopting 1/10,000,000 of the quarter of Parisian meridian as the unit of length, or meter. Then they divided and multiplied the resulting value by 10 and degrees of 10, and worked out the metric system which was introduced on April 7, 1795. The respective bill says: “How can the friends of equality tolerate the mixed character and discomfort of the measurement system that still keeps the memory of disgraceful feudal slavery?” Having no hopes with regard to consciousness on the part of the friends of equality, the authorities introduced fines. Thus D’Artagnan (main character of a book by Dumas) identifies distance in kilometers. The medal in honor of meter failed to be stamped out, yet what should have been written on it proved to be true: “For all times, for all nations.” The nations, however, started resisting, but Parisian fashion magazines joined the fray as the fifth column and started using metric system for their clothing patterns. The English pint was alone to keep footing. Well, the parliamentarians jut could not picture an Englishman entering the pub and ordering 0.57 liters of beer.