В 1787 году родился физик Георг Симон Ом

It is easy to picture a person who does not know Parkinson law. However, it is absolutely impossible to imagine an individual who is not aware of the current being directly proportional to the voltage and inversely proportional to the electric resistance. This simple law was granted to the mankind by a son of locksmith from German town of Erlangen. It seems so easy – one just needs to divide the voltage by resistance. Yet at that time, almost 200 years ago, nobody knew word resistance. Natural scientists explained electric phenomena by love and hatred of unknown particles, while the idea of describing physics by means of mathematics seemed sheer blasphemy. The philosophers despised experienceas well. Ohm was different. First of all, he felt that quantitative research of physical phenomenon is required. The current source prevented him from making accurate measurements, as galvanic battery would not produce direct current. In order to raise the accuracy, Georg Ohm designed a device having a saucer with boiling water on one edge and melting snow on the other one. This is how he discovered his famous law. If you think that the grateful mankind granted an ample award to the discoverer, you are mistaken. Teacher Ohm was fired for having published the article containing his formula. This was the order of education minister, who believed that describing physics with the help of formulas was unacceptable heresy. The help came from Russian physicists Lenz and Jacobi who made the mystery of nature discovered by Ohm public to the scientific community. Many years after Ohm’s death, the world appreciated his discovery. Today, Ohm is not only a famous physicist, but unit of resistance as well.