В 1786 году родился филолог Вильгельм Гримм

Children of the whole world are sure that there are two Grimm brothers, and they wrote together the world-renowned fairytales – The Snow White, The Bremen Town Musicians, The Brave Little Tailor, etc. Actually, there were eight brothers and even a sister in the family. The two of them – Jacob and Wilhelm – did not write fairytales either, but collected them in German lands and exposed to literary adaptation. Third brother lawyer Philipp Grimm could boast of scientific merits. Full member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences, he was a department head at the University of Berlin for 18 years and worked on the dictionary of German language. He stood at the origins of German linguistics together with his brother. As for the work on creating a German dictionary started by Grimm brothers in 1830s, it was completed only in 1960, a year before the Berlin Wall was erected.