В 1777 г. родился русский царь Александр I

“I will make it all like in my grandmother’s era” promised the grandson and a true successor to Catherine the Great after the death of his father Paul I, in which he had definitely been complicit. He kept his promise as smart, disinterested people surrounded him, they voiced new ideas, changes and reforms to the benefit of the nation... “… beautiful beginning of Alexander’s days,” Pushkin would say later. Yet “a weak and cunning ruler” failed to give Russia its Constitution, instead he empowered Arakcheev – a “tyrant of the nation.” The rule of Alexander I resulted in the Decembrist uprising that happened after his rapid and mysterious death. Pushkin did not like the Tsar, but was willing to forgive him everything for his two lucky achievements – capturing Paris and founding the Lyceum where Pushkin studied and which had a direct connection to science.