В 1772 году родился экономист Давид Рикардо

Before becoming one of the three sources of Marxism, i.e., join the list of ambassadors of English bourgeois political economics in Lenin’s opinion described in his Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism, the son of stockbroker had to work hard at the exchange. Banned from the family’s finance for betraying Judaism, young David earned his millions on his own by stock market trading. By the age of 38, he had become a notable figure in the world of finance. Having mastered the practice of making money, David Ricardo turned to theory. By that time, the concept of great Adam Smith had been already published. Ricardo elaborated the ideas of his predecessor and published his classic paper – On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation. “The best tax is the lowest one,” Ricardo believed, as “if weighty part of capital is withdrawn from commerce, it results in poverty of the major part of population.” So it looks that Ricardo took care of the people, while Marx called him the most stoical opponent of proletariat. However, the founding father of Marxism had not been aware at that time of Ricardo being one of the three sources of his teaching.