В 1724 году родился Иммануил Кант

Treat a person as target, and never as means – this is how Kant’ categorical imperative sounds being translated into language of a common man. Sometimes people call him the first Russian philosopher. Every joke is woven with a thread of truth. Kant was born and grew up in Konigsberg which now bears the name of Kaliningrad. In his time, the city also belonged to Russia for some time, and Kant even pledged allegiance to Empress Elizabeth I jointly with other professors of the local university. It is worth noting that this fact is complimentary for Russia, as Immanuel Kant is considered the greatest thinker of 18th century. His influence on the development of the world philosophical thought cannot be overstated. Kant as a person is equally interesting. Being a man of weak health in his youth, he worked out a daily routine so tough that managed to outlive many healthy people. Kant had never been married. Being unable to support a wife in his youth, he did not want to do it at a mature age. His pedantry and punctuality had become proverbial. According to his contemporaries, the philosopher was always taking a walk exactly at the same time, so one could set his/her watch by him. Once, he came out an hour later, and everybody understood that something terrible had happened. It really had, as on that day Kant received a message about the fall of Bastille.