В 1696 году Исаака Ньютона  назначили управлять Монетным двором в Лондоне

They say that Pierre-Simon Laplace tried to learn the details of some classified activities carried out by Isaac Newton by the order of Napoleon. He failed. This work has been kept secret to the present day. It was Newton’s job as the manager of the Mint of England. By the time that the famous scientist took up this high position with a salary of 2,000 pounds a year, which was incredible at that time, chaos had reigned in the country’s monetary system. Light and fake coins were in circulation, while cutting edges of silver coins for manufacturing self-made currency was widely practiced. The new honest manager set the re-coinage up and running over the next two years. Moreover, the coins were minted on special machines, and a special inscription was applied on the coin’s rim, so the edge could not be cut. The labor productivity rose eight times! It is the latter secret that Laplace failed to learn.