В 1636 г.  в русской письменности впервые был упоминут утюг

The line for February 10, 1636 (January 31 under the Julian calendar) in the expenses book of the first Tsar of Romanov dynasty says: “15 kopeks to blacksmith Ivan for making a press iron for the queen.” Naturally, the queens did not wear wrinkled clothes before, as roll-sticks, smoothers and other tools were used for ironing. The new tool for smoothing (according to Dal) used coal as source of heat, while the technology of its use is summarized in famous song: “Tyukh-tyukh-tyukh-tyukh, our press iron has burned up.” Since that time, the progress has introduced many modifications – the tool is now equipped with automatic devices, while its surface is extremely smooth. However, the shape remained the same – a pointed bar with a handle that blacksmith Ivan had forged once.