В 1618 году Уильям Гарвей обнародовал новую теорию кровообращения

Back in the 80s of the previous century Lord John Lumley had concerned with the problem of medical education in England and organized the so called Lumlian Readings. Outstanding physician, founding father of physiology and embryology William Harvey was performing the duties of lecturer at Lumlian Readings for 41 years. One of his lectures blew the listeners’ brains away. It turned out that blood in human organism was moving round in circle, two circles to be exact – small pulmonary circle and greate systemic one. Harvey was the first in the world to realize that blood is circulating on a continuous basis, not in the manner typical for high and low tides. Harvey argued that human heart was a pump. It iss pumping blood through the arteries to tissues. Then, blood returns to the heart via veins, is pumped through the lungs to take oxygen there and comes back to tissues again. It would be wrong to say that the students understood and believed everything they heard. Even eminent scholars of that period were violently opposed to Harvey’ concept. However, the scientist lived for 40 years more to the time when his discovery was finally recognized.