В 1606 году появился флаг Великобритании — «Юнион Джек»

The national flag of the UK is called Union Jack in a buddy manner. This name comprises a part of British history. As is known, jack is the flag of a ship planted on the bow. This story is rooted in early 17th century. At that time, King of Scotland James VI inherited English throne and received the name of James I. England and Scotland continued to be independent states, yet formed a union. The union required a flag, and it was created by simple addition. St. George’s flag of England featuring straight red cross with white frame was applied onto St. Andrew’s flag of Scotland, i.e., blue sheet with a white sidelong cross. The union flag was meant for all military and trade ships, yet the next king introduced limitations. The flag was turned into a jack to be raised on all military vessels. The Union Jack received the status of national flag a century later, when England and Scotland formed a single state – Great Britain.