В 1592 году родился  ученый Ян Амос Коменский

Encyclopedias call Jan Amos Komensky the founding father of pedagogical science, and it is an absolute truth. Moreover, it was he who gave birth to the school that actually lived to the present day intact with its classes, lessons, breaks, quarters and marks. He worked out a sort of professional code for teachers, invented what school should teach, created what we call curriculum now, and even wrote several textbooks. Komensky was the first to realize that textbooks ought to be illustrated. In his substantiated opinion, it makes learning easier. Finally he offered an ingenious translation of Latin word scholae (school). According to Komensky it is an abbreviation which can be decoded as follows: “Thinking wisely, acting nobly, speaking skillfully.” What else is there to say? Well, a nice trifle may probably do. Komensky referred to the four arithmetic operations as adoration, lamentation, exhaustion and sliding.